1 Hour Private Virtual Lesson

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The Mystic Slybaba is honored to share all his knowledge with his students. There are self guided options where you can request to learn specific sleights of routines, as well as a guided curriculum through the art of magic. From the amazed to the mystifier that is what you will get from learning from the master of the Mystics Way. Sign up for a single lesson or a whole curriculum of lessons.

Specialty in storytelling, symbolism, stagecraft, illusions, close up, coins, cards, ropes, mentalism, bizarre, occult, and many more sub categories of magical arts. You can learn anything if you find the right teacher, what makes the difference from a YouTube video or DVD is the direct feedback and personal direction. We all learn differently either by trial and error and observation, or by studying those who have already done the trials and have solutions. You will both get there, but how fast do you want to make it?

The Mystic Slybaba has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge to help others and brings that same spirit to his students.